THE GLOAMING - Issue 5 (Digital)

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Hello again and thank you for your perseverance!

I was initially going to write about how this issue of THE GLOAMING is the "second act slump" of the storyline. It does give the appearance of the narrative slowing down as all the components line up for the big climax in future issues.

However, as I reread the contents, I surprise myself at how generally satisfied I am with the results. Less than half the drawings make me wince, which is unusual. I've struggled to make peace with the fact that my drawing ability only goes so far. What you see on the page is my best attempt. Many, many panels have been replaced, re-drawn and overworked numerous times before I resign myself to the results.

Overall, I like the thematic layout of the issue. The girl-swarm orgies at the beginning and the end of the book nicely frame the multi-male gangbang in the middle. Also, I like the ominous boiling night-sky effect towards the end. It was made from a negative photo of the dirty soapy dishwater in my kitchen sink.

As of writing this, I'm already about six pages into the next installment of THE GLOAMING. I think it's going be much more vile than this issue. You may disagree. Everybody has a different opinion on such matters. All the time, I thought I was drawing filthy and utterly transgressive smut, but my wife (who is more worldly than I) informed me the other day that the comics are "kind of sweet, really."

(Please note: Ordering this book will be taken as a tacit agreement that you are of legal age to receive sexually explicit material.)

  • A digital pdf download of THE GLOAMING #5

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  • A digital pdf download of THE GLOAMING #5
  • Size78.3 MB
  • Length33 pages


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THE GLOAMING - Issue 5 (Digital)

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